Cleethorpes & Lincoln

When I frist arrived in Engand I stayed a couple nights with some dear friends in south London. Once I got some rest and felt a bit more grounded I hopped on a train north to visit Kyle. I met Kyle 5 years ago in Paris, he is from Canada and speaks french so he was a life saver for me. We've stayed in touch and I've been enjoying myself so much. 

Kyle was there at the train station to pick me up and take me to an authentic Fish'n Chips dinner at Steele's. This place has been around since 1920 and dinner was wonderful. Complete with tea, toast, fish and chips. Then we went for a pint (cider for me acourse) at The Riverside.

Saturday we then had to Lincoln and explored their high street. Tons of shopping, old stores, streets, a castle and the Cathedral where parts of The Da Vinci Code was filmed. Dinner was at Wagamama's which is a Japanese style resturant. So good, I had the katsu curry with vegitables (eggplant and sweet potatoe).

 We then took the train back to Cleethorpes and were sarinaded the whole way home by some britsh tunes by some rather sloshed guys. Once back at Kyle's place we opened a bag of crisps, a beer and cider and proceeded to watch a couple James Bond movies. A good day all in all!

Olivia McCoy