About the Designer


I've always been creative and that is why I studied graphic design in College at California State University Chico. I've worked for several mid-size design and marketing studios right out of college until the day I packed up and headed to Colorado. That move from California to Colorado is when Liv'n Design ignited (March 2013). Dropping everything and moving was not an easy transition but with lots of hard work, stress, networking, learning and wisdom from friends I'm doing what I love to do and thriving. Nowadays you can find me working from home, a coffee shop, with a dog by my side, at book store, or in a kitchen cooking up another recipe for my blog.

Liv comes from my full name Olivia. There have been many times where I've taken life for granted. Choosing to go by my nickname "Liv" was a conscious decision and is a constant reminder to me to live a life to it's fullest and to take advantage of every moment to really Live.