Sunday morning we slept in and by 'we' I mean I slept in until 11:30. That is a frist for me or I am still struggling with jetlag. I'll let you pick. The weater was predictated to be stormy, winding, raining and awful so most of my ideas were squashed. But early afternoon the sun was out and no rain so Kyle and I went for a drive around the Lincolnshire country.

We stopped at the seal refuge where seals come to have their pups and then after a few weeks they go back to the ocean and swim away. There were about 1,000 baby seal pups. They were all really fuzzy and cute. I wanted to cuddle up with one like a pillow, but we weren't aloud to touch them. The wind picked up and was just about blowing us over. We quickly picked up some brussell sprouts and red cabbage and continued on our way through Lincolnshire.

The rest of our sunday drive was quite. Beautiful rolling hills of farm lands, feilds, forests and small villages. The wind was crazy the whole time as well.