"...a little soul searching/self bonding vaca."

6 years ago, to the month and just about to the day, I was here in Europe having an adventure of a life time. The plans I had for myself in Europe back in 2009/2010 great, but sometimes tramatic experiences will trump the good times. When I decided to go back to the US I told myself that I will return and continue having adventures, soak up new cultures, learn more about history, be inspired by art and appreciate the differences of each country.

Since my return to the US in March 2010 I have had many ups, downs, moves, jobs, learning lessons, deaths, loss of friends, debit, finacial scares, sicknesses, and so man other things. But I have continued to work on myself and improve. My work is never down, but am finally in a much better and happier place in life.

Now that my life is heasing in a much better direction and I've spent so much time working on myself now is the time to go back and have some more adventures. So I made a plan, worked all summer long doing extra work to save for a trip back to England.

It has happned. I am now in England.

I felw out November 24th and arrived on the 25th. While staying with friends and visiting a few fun places I am also just taking this trip to thinking through, reflect, be thankful, process and appriecate slowing down. So starts some posts about my trip and things I am expereincing and learning.