Road Trips & National Parks

I've gone on only two real road trips in my life. Frist road trip ever we went to Mt. Whitney, climbed/hiked White Mountain (my frist 14er ever), Death Valley National Park, Zion National Park (The Narrows and Subway), Bryce Canyon National Park and lastly Grand Canyon National Park. The last road trip I went on was this other week when I went from Colorado to California to be home for the holidays. My frist stop was Moab, Utah where I went to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park. The next day I headed over to Nevada and went to Great Basin National Park.

This view is of the mountain range outside of the Arches on the hike to Landscape Arch.

In doing my research I found these really cool looking icons at for several national parks and I wanted to join them with the photos I've taken of all the National Parks I've been too AND have photos of.


This is the lowest point of Death Valley National Park: Badwater Basin 282 Ft below sea level
This view of the Grand Canyon is from the North Rim looking South.
This is inside Lehman Caves underneath Great Basion National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park is where I learned how to Rock Climb so I've been here tons of times.
I've been Snow Shoeing, Hiking and Skiing in Teton Natonal Park several times.

This photo is an iconic location in the canyoneering route called Subway.

Olivia McCoy