Food Photography

A little known fact about me that not many people know about is that I'm a food photographer. Yes, yes, I do bake/cook things and take photos of them and post them on my blog. That is food photography, but I acutally do food photography that gets published in magazines and I get paid for it.

My main client for food photography is Women's Running Magazine. How it works is that they send me a recipe... I go grocery shopping for all the ingredients, make the recipe and take photos of the process and then more photos of the finished product. It is a lot of fun, but makes the cooking process a lot longer then one would think.  Still who can be upset for cooking and taking photos and getting paid for it, not me!

A couple months I ago my blog enteries stopped. That was because I was working away on put dating my portfolio pages. This too quite awhile, but in the end it is coming together and look pretty awesome. If you'd like to see just a few samples of my food photography click on my Portfolio page and then click on Food Photography

Or just click Food Photography here and it'll take you straight there.

Share with your friends, family, resturants, bars, favorite coffee shops and if they need a food photographer... send them my way!