Hiking Taggart Lake - Teton National Park, WY

After Christmas I flew home to Colorado only to be picked up by my climbing partner and drove a record 7 hours and 45 minutes up to Jackson, Wy. Bob, my climbing partner, was gracious enough to cover the travel expenses while I supplied the vehcile for the trip. So what was I doing in Wyoming? Well, my best and dearest friend Amy (ugly food challenge guest blogger) lives there and I wanted to spend the New Year's with her.

Our frist day together we went out to Grand Teton National Park to go snow-shoeing. My frist time out to Wyoming and more specfically Teton National Park was several years ago. We had done the same hike, but it was overcast and you couldn't see the Tetons at all. Amy was going on and on about how they were right there, but I had no clue what she was talking about because of the cloud cover. This time, I wanted to do the hike and actually see what she was talking about. The hike is super easy with so many beautiful view points. I didn't have to stop that often to catch my breath I honestly couldn't stop taking photos of it.

To our surpise the path was already hard packed, so most of the time we just hiked instead of snowshoeing. Once to Taggart Lake we rest, snacked and I practiced a bit of yoga. Then I set out on a mission to dig down into the snow to reach the icy surface of the lake. My frist attempt was a lot of digging with little success and my second attempt was further out on the lake where I only had to move aside 2 inches of snow. I was stoked to be boot-skating on my little patch of frozen lake.

Our hike had gorgeous with a clear view of the Tetons and a slowly setting sun. The perfect way to end 2013.

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