Christmas 2013

2013 has been a huge year. Not just for me, but for my whole family. We lost Grandma this year, but gained twin girls, Ashlynn and Brooke. There have been many hard time in life, work, getting out of debt, break-ups, raising twins, moving and so many experiences that have made 2013 a difficult year for my whole family. But the hard times start to disappear when Christmas comes around we just yearn to all be together. To a family of roughly 11 people and growing, arrangeing schedules for us all to be together has been difficult.

This past year for me I've had many ups and downs and by December I was in another down spot. Meaning that being a freelance graphic designer the work comes and goes and the pay checks are rarely predictable. I realized with taxes coming, rent, bills and car payments that I couldn't afford to go home for Christmas. So I mentally prepared to not going home for Christmas, but spending the holiday in Colorado. Well, that did not settle well with my siblings. I was completely speechless when my brother informed me that he and my sisters had pulled money together to get me a plane ticket home. Then before I knew it Christmas was coming and I was on my way to California.

The four days were certainly packed with babies, feeding times, preparing meals, wrapping presents, un-wrapping presents, bike rides, trips to the grocery store, puzzles, more food, bath time for the babies and the list goes on.

All in all... It was a fun time.

2 photos were taken by my brother-in-law Dan McNeely.