Family Turkey Trot - 2013

The way I like to spend or start my Thanksgiving day is with a nice trot. What I mean by that is a Turkey Trot. This started for me a several years ago with some friends of mine in Southern California. We all decided to do a Turkey Trot in Folsom, California (that was the most central place for all of us at the time). Afterwards we all were tired but felt so great. Then when it came down to eating dinner, seconds, dessert and then second dessert... we never felt guilty or fitigued for sitting around watching movies and doing nothing.

This year with my parents and brother coming into town I wanted to introduce them to the wonder of doing a simple 5k Turkey Trot. I had them all sign up ahead of time for the Lousiville Turkey Trot. Which is a free turkey trot where they only ask you to donate clothes and foods for flood victims.

They had the race set up very well, but I think they were not expecting so many runners. Surprisingly they started right at 9 o'clock on the dot. Drew started more towards the front of the pack... he can't just do a 'fun run' he has to race. So mom, dad and I started further back. I was ready to do a fast walk with my parents but they told me to just go for it. This was my first real run since my 100k at the end of October.

I was super surprised how fast the first mile came up and decided to just keep my pace and see if I could get to mile two going the same pace. The 5k course was super fun. They had us going through some open spaces along trails too! That made it fun to see all the lines of people, strollers and people with dogs running every where. Mile 2 came along and I told myself that I had to just push through the last mile and make it the whole way. I did it!!! Finished in 32:30! Drew finished in 24 minutes, my roommate finished somewhere around 32 minutes too!

My parents finished around 55 minutes and I was so proud of them for getting out into the cold and facing the altitude, but doing a 5k with us! It was actually more like 5 miles, because we walked from my place to Louisville which is a mile both ways. They did great and for finishing we all got Turkey Trot Mugs.

So much fun. Needless to say every one slept very well that night.

Note: The thing to wear on a short or long run while it sooo cold in the fall in winter is apparently GoLite running tights! I couldn't count how many people were wearing running tights... not to mention my brother, I and my roommate all had GoLite running tights on too!

Next to come are recipes from Thanksgiving Day!

Olivia McCoy