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Back in Miami for a day Andy and I got into more fun by hopping on a fan boat looking for dead bodies with CSI Miami!

No, not really. But we did go on a fan boat ride. They told us we were looking for gators, but I really didn't care and doubted we'd see any. I just wanted the experience of riding on one. Which was a lot of fun. Our ride was cut a little short because there was a storm coming through and it started raining. It wouldn't have been so bad, but going so fast in a fan boat we both got drenched. I couldn't stop laughing. There were so many people in the boat all huddled together trying to stay dry that it was just comical to me. I laughed the whole way back to the dock and was drenched.

While we were waiting for the fan boat they have a animal rescue shelter and a gator park. Loving animals I was more excited about seeing caged gators then wild ones. We were even allowed to hold a baby gator! That is something you can't do with a wild one.

Some of the above photos were taken by Andy Bussell

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