Hash-Brown Quiche - Food Photography

Thank you so much to ProFlowers.com for having me as a guest food blogger. 

A good friend of mine who lives and works in San Diego asked me to be a guest food blogger for them. In early April I went into my kitchen and whipped up a tasty quiche recipe that my mom gave me. Holy cow I love this quiche!!! 

To view photos and get the recipe visit: www.proflowers.com/blog

This recipe is gluten free because it has a hash-brown crust (the Irish and Polish in me love this part) and if you want to spend the extra money on different cheeses you could make it dairy free too! I've made this Hash-Brown Quiche twice and haven't shared it with anyone because I love it so much. But if you need a reason to make it and you're not a quich person then here are some reasons for you:

  1. The quiche is perfect for a picnic brunch
  2. With ham and potatoes the main ingredient it is filling enough for a Father's day breakfast
  3. Holiday brunch (Memorial Day hint hint) or any time!

Below is a sneak peak photo of the recipe. Remember to go to www.proflowers.com/blog/ to get the recipe and then Enjoy!