Mt. Evans - My First Colorado 14er

With a special friend in town we had to do something epic, but time wasn't on our side. Taking tips from locals we set out on sunday later morning to Mt. Evans... the highest road in North America. The drive was beautiful from bottom to top. With groves of pine and aspen trees to rolling hills of flowers and green things to rocky edges where you're hopeing your car doesn't slip off the edge. Once to the parking area it's a short, heavy, breathing hike of about 500 meters to the top of Mt. Evans.

The view was amazing and even cooler was a thunder and lightening storm coming out way. We didn't see much of it though because we got caught up in the coulds, but then later the clouds parted and we headed down a thousand feet or so to Summit Lake. At Summit Lake we ran into some mountain goat and sheep.

The best part was sitting on an rock with Summit Lake to our backs looking at the mountain goats with a glacier made valley of Chicago Lakes sprawled out in front of us. Breath taking... and not in the high altitude sort of breath taking.