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Premier Remodeling

In Salt Lake, Utah there is a company that does:


When Premier Remodeling came to us in need of a much much needed website design we were only too excited to work with them. Their work was amazing and yet their website was at least 8-10 years old.

Starting with a wireframe (like a blueprint for a house) we established a marketing direction and hierarchy of what needed to go where. With that approved I was able to start on the design phase. Premier Remodeling had a ton of gorgeous photos that really showed off their work so I used inspiration from the photos to add accents here and there not the site. They are a company that is detail oriented and the website needed to uphold and even raise that bar.

Because they are a company with great creativity I was able to use different fonts to add artistic frills to enhance the look and style of their website.

Premier Remodeling were thrilled with the first round of design comps and only had minor design changes. With their approval of the site the art files went straight to the developers and the rest of their site was created based of off my design comps. In combination with great design and quality SEO content their business has only improved with more qualified leads.

We Did

  • user interface design

  • photoshopped images

  • color pallette

  • textures, patterns, icons and typography

  • home and subpage website design

View their live site:


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