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Chacha Tours Africa is an amazing tour company in Africa. The experiences and services they provide are all 5 star rations and are always on the top of any TripAdvisor list. The problem was that their site navigation, design, process was cumbersome and outdated. Viewers were confused and couldn’t find relevant information to what they needed to book a tour.

This is where Liv’n Design came in helped organize the site with quality design that highlighted their #1 attraction (climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro), #2 attraction (African safari’s) and lastly the many many testimonies and referrals of previous adventurers. We started this process with a wireframe to organize and clearly identify the marketing strategy. Once the wireframe (think of this like a blueprint to a house) was approved we could go full force into design mode.

The other quality Chacha Tours had going for them was the amount of quality photos. Using these photos I created a color palette the not only enhanced their different adventure experiences, but highlighted their photos which says more then words can.

There were some tweaks we needed to make to their logos to work with the design blend with the marketing.

With the design of the home, interior and blog page the clients were blown away and loved the design and style. We tweaked a few areas and then the developers were able to take the 3 designs I created and apply the look and brand to the rest of the site. Thus creating a site that had hierarchy, direction, communicated and gave viewers a clear path to learn more about certain adventure trips and be able to book through the site promptly. This in combination with organizing the site and excellent SEO content Chacha Tours Africa has increased its business.

We Did

  • logo design edits

  • website branding (colors, fonts, icons, etc)

  • website design


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