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Jake’s Designs

Jake’s Designs motto and company mission is to bring the outdoor living experience to your backyard. Jake has amazing team behind him that help make their clients dream front/backyard a place all people want to be and enjoy life. There was just one problem - their branding and website didn’t not represent their skills, visions and talents.

Outdoor Living at its Very Best with Professional Landscape Design

As the graphic designer on the team once I was given the marketing plan/strategy I went to work on creating a website with peeks of the great Colorado mountain wilderness (under control mind you) on every page.

We only had their logo (with bright greens) and a few photos to work from. Based on that I was on my own. To make the website appear rustic, outdoorsy, yet controlled and designed. By using warm and darker earth tones gathered from wood, earth, and bark. Pine tree limbs overlaying the design in different depths and their logo as watermark. With these elements I could use their bright greens from their logo as call out items (buttons and call to actions).

The client loved the designs. With their approval of the style and theme I created an interior page design and then sent the art files to the developer to build out the rest of the website.

We Did

  • website branding (colors palette, fonts, icons, etc)

  • website design

  • marketing strategy to highlight the top 3 services/skills the client want to promote

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