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Insite Builders

An amazing remodeling company located in Washington DC and serving the areas of Bethesda, Chevy Chase and the Upper Northwest areas. They are geniuses when it comes to design and remodel for high-end homes and clients. With skills in combining modern appliances and technology into homes that still have that historical, colonial, functional and sleek, comfort-meets-style type atmosphere and feeling.

Great design challenge to combine and have their website and branding truly represent who they are and the type of work they do.

With their wireframes laid out to pin point how to highlight:

  • Answer the Who and the What

  • Action - Get the viewer to move or do something

  • Answer the Why (why people should work with them)

  • Gallery - Their portfolio

  • Establish Credibility - testimonials and photography

  • Call to action

  • Footer - quick go to for links and contact

The client was specific that use their logo as a branding baseline. Loved the red, blue and grey in their logo and want to continue that on their site, but are not a fan of looking too ‘all american’ with the red, white and blue look. Their remodeling work is amazing and has custom features and accents. We needed to add details like that to the website as well, but keep the branding modern and clean.

We not only created an amazing website design that represented them as a company and top competition with any other remodeling business in the area we also expanded their branding style. With blue and red as their primary brand colors we added rich hues of greys. Combining the right fonts to establish readability but capture the colonial and modern combination of their work. Added subtle textures and features to support richness and warmth.

The owners at Insite Builders love their new website and have booked us to update their logo as well. Their new logo designs are in progress and will be posted soon.

We Did

  • logo design - in progress!

  • website branding (colors, fonts, icons, etc)

  • website design


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