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The Goldleaf Inn

Estes Park is a luxury and quality destination spot for many tourists and The Goldleaf Inn hosts a true comfort and mountain Bed and Breakfast.

Not only was their website old and out dated it did not communicate the warm, rustic, perks, special treatment and a true experience of living in a cabin in the woods. The history of the building, rooms, location was also huge for them so making sure the the site isn’t too modern, but has a warm feeling that holds stories of the area was also needing to be represented in the website.

We started the project with wireframes which is a simplified version of boxes and content highlighting where items and sections should go. This was the perfect time to discuss and map out their marketing strategy and clearly represent their top 3 services they want to communicate to potential clients. Showing their clientele that they are truly outdoors, rustic experience, but with luxury was key.

Once the wireframes were organized and approved we moved to the next step: Design. The creative juices started to flow and by using textures of paper and wood paneling in combination with natural flora features we achieved the look The Goldleaf Inn was desperately needing. In combination with adding a color platte, accents of leaves, pine cones, sprigs of buds and branches, the final touches and photos brought everything together.

The additives were simple but had a dramatic impact that The Goldleaf Inn truly felt properly represented. With the glowing approval of the design the developers were able to use the design and features we created to build the rest of the site. The Goldleaf Inn’s business has improved and the experience and information their website holds in tandem with excellent SEO their business and website traffic has increase.

We Did

  • logo design edits

  • website branding (colors, fonts, icons, etc)

  • website design


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