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Whole Branding Package

Cutting Edge Landscape Design

Cutting Edge is one of the premier landscape contractors in Manhattan Beach, Ca. Their branding was originally centered around the owner of the company, but with aspirations to “be one of the best full-service landscape contractors in southern California” they needed a whole branding upgrade.

To start their project we needed to help them create a brand identity and it’s best to start with the logo. Classic, straight forward, elegant and would attract their target audience that is upper class, wealthy, southern California residents.

With a logo in place the color palette was next, then applying that to their social media platforms (facebook, twitter and youtube profile images and banners) along with anything inside the business office. Meaning business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. All of these elements were based off of their work and photography.

With their new branding in place we were then able to start working on the website. Combining the newly designed logo, color palette, photography, content and their marketing strategy I created a wireframe (aka blueprint) for their website. Once approved we moved into the design phase and created a couple layouts (home and interior page). The client loved the look, feel, style and over all new branding look of their company. We then had the whole website rebuilt based on the two design comps we provided.

The combination of a smart and strategic new branding style that properly represents their quality of work, effective design that highlights their work, talent and skills in combination with excellent SEO their business is booming with quality clients and leads.

We Did

  • logo design

  • branding guidelines

  • social media

  • business system

  • website design

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