Stonewear's New Website

I am excited to let ya'll know that Stonewear Designs has just updated and launched their new logo and website. This is all happening just in time to show off their spring line of clothes for yoga, running, hiking and traveling. With their spring line they've introduced new colors, styles and products like: Fuse Tank, the running Stride Skort, the Volt Capri and many other products and colors!

Their photography also does an excellent job of showing off the diversity, quality, beautiful colors of each item Stonewear offers. They have really done an amazing job in presenting a website and logo the connects with active women like us!

SO, go check out their website at: do a bit of shopping, look around and get ready for spring time!

Once all my spring items come I'll be showing them off and giving tips on what's best to wear!

Telluride, Co - Trip Via Ferratta Part #3

The start of the via Ferrata. I'll update the details later when life gives me some mental room to focus. Meanwhile enjoy the photos.

Photos of Liv were taken by Noel Love

If you missed the two earlier blog posts of our trip to Telluride click any one of the links below or go to #4 which was our last day in Telluride: #1 - Heading to Telluride Blog Post > #2 - Hiking in Telluride Blog Post > #4 - Hiking & Heading Home

My previous trip to Telluride - Via Ferratta Trip in 2013

New Mexico Trip - Part 4 (going home)

If you read my blog from yesterday New Mexico Trip - Part 3 (Day 2) you read about me hiking and meeting an old man with loads of stories. One of the places he highly recommended that I go check out was a place called Tent Rocks. It's inbetween Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The old hiker mentioned that there is an easy trail that loops around, but if you take the slot canyon trail it about 1.5 miles to the top of a ridge where the view is just amazing. Well, little did this hiker know that as soon as he said 'slot canyon' I was hooked.

Sunday morning I left Albuquerque and headed towards Tent Rocks. Was super happy that my National Park Pass got me into the park no problems and then several miles into the park I was there! The .5 miles to the slot canyon was super easy and it was like no time passed. Inside the slot canyon it was just amazing. I don't need to say much more, because that is what the photos are for!

Tip: don't where nice lady sandles on this hike, bring water too! People on this trail don't always know what they are doing or getting into so that are super slow.

After finishing the hike I headed towards Santa Fe to check out the town and get some lunch. A nice bowl of green chilli, saw some awesome jewlery vendors out on the streets and I was ready to head home. Over all I throughly enjoyed my trip to New Mexico!

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New Mexico Trip - Part 3 (day 2)

I stayed with some friends of mine in Alberque friday night and then got up super early with Kerr to go rock climbing. We pick up a fellow climber and headed up to Sandia's Crest. Early that week I was trying to get over a bad cold combined with little sleep and an early morning I was not in good shape for climbing. Instead I slept for another 4 hours in Kerr's truck and then went hiking!

Albuquerque, New Mexico is behind me in the distance

The views were amazing and I met an older man who had just finished hiking all the way up to the top of the Sandias. We chatted and talked until we came to this man made rock building/fort. He told me that that rock fort was built during the Depression by the Works Project Administration. He said he also use to play around there as a child. We talked about a ton of things and he told me all about New Mexico and how he loves hiking the Grand Canyon.

Eventually, he continued on hiking and I slowly hiked back to the parking lot where Kerr and his climbing buddy had just arrived.

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Throw Back Thursday - Rock Climbing

My First Climbing Partner: Christine Westling

Not the average rock climbing partner ever, but one of the best. Is willing to climb anything and everything, prepare breakfast for you before a long drive to Joshua Tree, has inspired many climbing songs and always has helpful advice when climbing.

Example: "Suckless and go up!"

Other great aspects of Christine as a climbing partner are:

Nickname: Crock
Discipline for complaining: hang on the hang board or do pull-ups on the hang board
Decorating Plans: putting up climbing holds so we can get to each others rooms with out touching the floor
Meals: no ppj for us... oh no, Chicken Waldorf Sandwiches, chocolate covered pretzels and pirate bootie or booty (?)

Good times are always to be had! 

Throw Back Thursday - Rock Climbing

The man who GOT me into climbing!

George Borden

The story behind this is that George was in my Bible Study group and had invited me to go climbing the following weekend. The night before I was with my friend Holly and was wigging out about going rock climbing. So with her help I called George to tell him I really wasn't interested in going climbing.

Before I could get a word in edge-wise George told me he had rented shoes for me and had an extra harness. He'd meet me at like 6am in front of Barnes & Noble and then he'd drive me all the way out to Joshua Tree. My plan of canceling failed. I had to go.

So, I went climbing. And I meet my close freinds Cindy and Eddie Page and fell in love with rock climbing... and so many other adventures!


Giant Rock - It is a Big Deal!

Giant Rock, yup that is it's name and it has a pretty awesome history. Giant Rock's only competition as a free standing rock is Ayers Rock in Australia! Giant Rock is located in Southern California in the Mojave Desert. To understand the size of the rock Andy is standing at the bottom of the rock in the photos below.

Aside from driving around in the dessert, hiking and climbing around Giant Rock we decided to do a little bit of target practice. You know... since we have the space.

Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree

The other week I went out to Southern California to visit family and friends. But no visit is complete with out returning to Joshua Tree and climbing. Not much to say other then I miss it a ton, loved the company, beautiful views and oh how I love rock climbing!

Enjoy the photos!

Syncline Loop, Canyonlands Utah

I apologize for the lack of blogging and photos for the past couple months. Life and work have not been balanced at all and... well... that left me in a place of feeling overwhelmed by everything. To get out from under it all I took myself on a mini vacation with a bunch of friends to Moab, Utah. There was a bunch of hiking, exploring and even a failed canyoneering adventure that turned into some rock climbing. Didn't get as many photos as I would like, but that just means I have to go again!

Enjoy the photos!

Hiking the Syncline Loop in Canyonlands with Eric, Dan and David.

Hanging Out at the Lone Mesa Campsite


Ice Climbing in Boulder Canyon, CO

After Ice Climbing in Ouray I wasn't quite sold on the sport. This did not set well with my climbing buddy Bob. So, this past saturday we went out ice climbing. Barely a 15 minute drive away was a great little section of ice that Bob could do some teaching and I could get my feet wet again with ice climbing.

The hike up was like 5 minutes and aside from the traffic in the canyon it was peaceful and goregous. With a few sips of Mexican Hot Chocolate and some beta from Bob I was ice climbing.


I wasn't sure what to title this post as. Here are a couple options and you choose:
#1 Hey Mom, Look what Bob Taught Me!
#2 Making Mom Proud or Giving Her More Grey Hairs?
#3 What I can do with a One Handed Belayer! 

"Success" I now like ice climbing. I did this route 3 times until my arms and hands were pumped, sore and tire.

Rock Climbing in Nov

When my climbing buddy texts me about going climbing this past saturday I was game. The only problem was what to wear? No I'm not that kind of girl that worries about what I look like (seriously it is just rock climbing, not a fashion show). With the temperatures always changing and getting colder knowing what layers to wear is my deliema. 

Saturday at 10 a.m. we are on the road up Boulder Canyon to Blob Rock. With a short hike up to the base of the climb we were both roasting. Figuring the weather would change I started getting ready to lead climb the frist route. Before I could start I realized it was just too warm. Yes, folks that is right. The begining of November and it was hot. So I zipped off the legs of my hiking pants and climbed the whole day in a tank top and shorts.

My goal of the day was to get back in lead climbing. My 'fabulous' climbing buddy, Bob Berger, was great at belaying, being my photographer and a great encourager. I lead 3 of the 5 routes we climbed that day and I didn't fall once. 

Via Ferrata Adventures

This past September was the time that a friend of mine put together a Via Ferrata trip to Telluride. Some of you might be a bit confused because you don't get the photo above or you've never heard the words 'Via Ferrata'. Let me help you out... look at the photos below and tell me if you start to understand? or look up Via Ferrata on google and that will help you out too.

Either way, it is one of the most fun trips I have ever been on. The Via Ferrata in Telluride is roughly about 5 miles long and is perfect during the fall when all the trees are changing colors. Enjoy the photos below!

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Mt. Evans - My First Colorado 14er

With a special friend in town we had to do something epic, but time wasn't on our side. Taking tips from locals we set out on sunday later morning to Mt. Evans... the highest road in North America. The drive was beautiful from bottom to top. With groves of pine and aspen trees to rolling hills of flowers and green things to rocky edges where you're hopeing your car doesn't slip off the edge. Once to the parking area it's a short, heavy, breathing hike of about 500 meters to the top of Mt. Evans.

The view was amazing and even cooler was a thunder and lightening storm coming out way. We didn't see much of it though because we got caught up in the coulds, but then later the clouds parted and we headed down a thousand feet or so to Summit Lake. At Summit Lake we ran into some mountain goat and sheep.

The best part was sitting on an rock with Summit Lake to our backs looking at the mountain goats with a glacier made valley of Chicago Lakes sprawled out in front of us. Breath taking... and not in the high altitude sort of breath taking.

Cayonneering & Birthday Post #1

This year is the year that I turned 30. I wanted to do something really amazing, different and adventurous, but after moving to a new state and not knowing many people I was unsure of doing anything. Well I was randomly invited to go on a canyonneering trip by a friend the week before my birthday. Hmmmm yes, yes, yes. Just the kind of adventure I needed to end my 20's and welcome 30.

Below are just a few of the photos from our trip to Escalante, Utah. We started our trip by leaving my house at 6am Monday morning and then made it to our campsite around 7pm after some off-roading lessons.

Setting up camp was easy for me. My Rav4 has seats that fold down to make making the bed easy. So I went around and documented everyone else's sleeping arrangements.

Let me introduce you to the group. From left to right we have: Taylor our leader/guide, Matt (a fellow photographer) and Matt/Matder (Matt and Ladder). Next for the girls are: Ana Marie, Laurel Lynn, me and Erin.

Day #1 // Egypt 3
...and it begins




I realized when preparing for the trip and telling friends how excited I was that a lot of people have no clue what canyonneering is. So I'm sure some of the photos above will give you a better clue, but let me give you a few more tips and info about canyonneering.

1. Water is the most important no matter what.

2. Next would be good shoes! Canyonneering with blisters is not fun.

3. Knowing basic climbing moves like 'steming' or 'bridge' are very helpful. (meaning: you do not have to be ballerina or a gymnast... but it helps)

4. Small backpacks or day packs for going through slot canyons. Bigger backpacks can supply shade in times of need, but getting stuck is never fun.


So that is the end of Day #1 // Egypt 3 of the canyonneering trip. I'll try to get more photos edited and posted soon so you can see what we did on Day #2 // Neon.