Road Trip Co to AZ 2018 - Day #1-2

My annual road trip down to warmer weather started with a lot of snow and white out conditions just trying to get out of Boulder.


Went south to 285 and then along 160 until I hit Cortez in the south west corner of Colorado. I spent the night at a super nice AirB&B. As you can see below they had this and much more for my breakfast spread. The perfect way to start day 2 of my road trip.


First official stop on the tour is Mesa Verde National Park.


It was a high of 27 degrees and windy so I didn't do much hiking around.


The view coming out of Mesa Verde National Park! It was gorgeous, cold, windy and pretty awesome to see so many different cliff dwellings. Was a bit bummed that my camera battery didn't charge correctly so there are all cell phone shots.

Had to take a selfie to document the "before" shot of my freckles in winter mode, but when i get to AZ before I know it those freckles will be popping out.

BUT continuing on with my road trip there was much more to see and do!


Didn't know there with just driving by, but my AirB&B host told me that this range of mountains is called the "Sleeping Ute". The highest point would be the folded arms of the Ute Indian Chief, to the right of that would be his head with an feather headress. To the left of the high point (arms folded) would be legs where at the very far left you see a rock spire... the Ute's toes. Thought that was pretty cool to see. Steve, the host of the AirB&B, volunteers at Mesa Verde National Park so he had lots of stories about the area.


4 Corners! A place I've always wanted to go to say that I've been in 4 places at once. The corners of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona all meet. Only $5 per person. I think in warmer weather there are a lot more venders and stuff, but honestly I just wanted to get my shot on the spot and move along. My photographer asked me to pose so I just did a head-stand :)

Hours, and then more hours later I finally arrived in Sedona, AZ. Stop #2 for my road trip.

Liv McCoy