Colorado Fall Road Trip - Day 3

My 3rd day on the road I woke to snow dusted mountain tops. Bob invited me to drive up the canyon to see where it went. We took a dirt road through gorgeous trees, past ponds and lakes, explored an abandoned old mill on up too St. Elmo. This old run down... almost ghost town of a place called St. Elmo. We had fun walking around checking out the old buildings.

 We went back down to Buena Vista for a tasty lunch at the EddyLine and then headed north/west. Bob directed me toward Twin Lakes and then up Independence Pass. A storm had blown through the previous night so the tops of the 14er's were dusted with snow and the sky was grey and overcast, but was still a beautiful day. On the way down from Independence Pass to Aspen we were greeted with a bit of snow, but it passed.

We ended our day by heading back to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and soaked for hours. Then found a campsite where we heated up some soup and then off to bed.

Liv McCoy