Everglades Out Post - Key West Adventures

Skip forward or backward which ever way you like. Rather then try and catch up I'll just post what I feel like posting right now. Tonight I'm taking you back to June 6, 2016 when I left Key West and went to explore more of southern Florida. Frist stop was an animal rescue outside of the Everglandes National Park.

This animal rescue shelter, Everglades Outpost is better then any zoo. We were the only people there and got to talk personally with the volunteers that take care of the animals. Some of the photos may look a bit sad, but realizing that at one time all of these animals were in far worse living conditions and being abused made me happy that they are now living in a more natural and less stressful environment. For their stories and more information about the Outpost go to their website: www.evergladesoutpost.org

If you'd like more information just email me!

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