A camera, an Audiobook and the open Road

I am so excited about this post and the next post to come. Today has been awesome and I've seen and done so many things that it all won't fit in one place. This is Part 1 of my monday drive down to AZ. Leaving Moab, I went south on 191 then continued right on 163. Where I saw this awesome place called Mexican Hat! Seriously there is a whole one stop sign town named Mexican Hat.

The rest of the drive was amazing and took me through Monument Valley. It was like going back into an old western movie and I swore any moment some wild buffaloo or Indians or Cowboys were going to appear. Well, sadly I didn't even see a covered wagon, but no regrets, because the views were stunning.

Highway 163 connected back up with Highway 191, but I jumped off of 191 and on to 98 towards Page AZ. Yes that is a bit out of the way if you are planning on going to Phoneix, but there is this amazing place called Antelope Canyon that I have dreamed of going for years. That will be my next blog post, but mean while enjoy the photos below of my trip through southern Utah. The landscape and geography is amazing. 

Take a look at the landscape in the background. You can tell it's along a fault line where the fault shifted and part of the land goes town underneath the other one. Geography is much more entertaining in nature then in a classroom.

I couldn't decide if I liked this photo in black and white or in color. What are your thoughts?