English Details

Whenever we travel there are differences and just because i'm in an English speaking country doesn't mean I understood everything that was being said. I enjoyed listening to coversations (yes eavesdropping) at coffee shops and on the train to pick up new words. Every where you turn there is something that is very different from living in the United States and I loved it. 

Hen do - bachelorette party
Stag - bachelor party
Pram - baby stroller
Abergene - eggplant 
Courgette - zucchini
Wold - rolling hills, rolling farmlands, fields
Wellies - rubber boots
I had a much longer list, but I lost it somewhere :(
Hymn Books at Lincoln Cathedral
Through the Gate Peephole in Lincoln
Latin Text at the Cathedral in Lincoln
Catching up to the days of Christmas

Roses in Avebury

 Vines in the winter at Bradley House