England Highlights

England overall was amazing. Wonderfully full of time with friends, meeting new friends, art and adventures. This post mostly just has highlights of what I loved most about my trip and cool photos of those places.  


By far the best #1 day of trip. Took the train from south London to Salisbury, found the Stonehenge tour bus right out side the train station and hopped on. The fare for the Stonehenge bus included transportation to Stonehenge, the entrance fee, little radio headset, access to Salibury Cathedral and Old Sarum (ruins from a castle). But focusing on Stonehenge the weather was perfect that day. I know it looks cloudy and in the black and white photo below it looks stormy and crazy, but that clouds were beautiful, blue sky, sun and a touch of wind. Wonderful!

My Over all thoughts of Stonehenge was that it is quite small. All the photos I've seen of it made me think it was huge. Now they are huge I'm not discrediting that, but bigger then life sort of thing. I did love how it's just out in a field with surrounding fenced off fields full of sheep. Wasn't expecting that at all. The ride there was really fun, because we passed so many fields of horses, sheep, pigs and farmlands. Made me wish it was a summer afternoon and I had a road bike to enjoy more of the country side.

Old Sarum:

Next stop on the trip was Old Sarum, which I had no idea what it was, where it was or if I even wanted to go, but went along any ways. The bus driving told me to follow the guy in a blue coat. Long story short the guy in the blue coat and his wife were on their honeymoon. We were all around the same age and kept running into each other so decided to spend the rest of the day together. 

Back to Old Sarum. It use to be a castle that over the years was used less and less and then became to costly to repair. So the King sold it off to some lord who had it disassembled and used the rocks for other purposes. Some of the walls, and areas were left. But the view from up there was amazing. Loved this place.

Salisbury Cathedral:

The one thing I loved at this Cathedral was the water fountain they had at one end of the building. It was all decorated for Christmas and just had a great feel about it.

Best thing I ever ate:

Was after the Salisbury Cathedral we walked around high street and found a fun looking inn and decided to have an early dinner. I ordered this pumpkin salad and was worried it wasn't going to be good, but OMG it was one of the best things I have ever eaten.

Bradley National Trust:

Road trip with my UK Aunties! We stopped by this National Trust Mansion and got a whole tour of the gorgeous house, with a draw bridge and a moat. We even had lunch there with scones and clotted cream and made Christmas ordaments with manderian oranges and cloves and string!


I wanted to jump on a bus from Salisbury to get to Avebury and see their stonehenge, but I got to Salisbury too late in the day to make that happen. My lovely UK Aunties adjusted our trip home and took me there. It was amazing to walk and touch and atempt to boulder on some of the rocks of the henges. It is set up differently from the famous Stonehenge. But even the town of Avebury was beautiful and quaint.

After walking around the whole stonehenge I went through the National Trust of the house, gardens and the stables, museums and everything!