Paris Highlights

What started this whole idea of going to England was actually my roommate Beth. She is blessed with a job that has her travel to places all over the world. In early June she found out that there was a good chance she'd be going to Paris, France for 2 weeks for a work conference. Like any good roommate would I volunteered my services to carry her baggage. Sadly she didn't need my services, but she did welcome my company in Paris as long as she was there. That got me to think.... 

Spending two weeks in Paris would be lovely, but I have been to Paris 3 times before and felt like I had done the whole "Paris Thing". I place I hadn't seen everything I wanted to see was England. So I figured out how to get to England and get items checked off my bucket list. When I got to England I heard that train tickets to Paris are actually really affordable, because the Euro is very close to the dollar. I started thinking of all the art work in Paris and how I hadn't seen all of the Lourve that I wanted to the last time I was there. Booked, my ticket, contacted Beth and in a week I was off to Paris. 

We started at the Louvre together right when it opened. Then she left with her co-workers to explore the rest of Paris and I spent 6 more hours in the Lourve. By lunch time I had already walked over a 10k. It is amazing to walk through halls of art work and see pieces that I had studied in my college art history classes or pieces that we studied in my intermediate art class. Amazing.

Late that evening Beth and I met back up and walked to the Christmas market and then to the Arche de Triumphe. Then all the way back to our hotel again. It was another long walk, but well worth the sights, our new little kitchen gnowm and good memories.

Got to love photoshop!

The next morning I got up and went to a local bakery and bought two chocolate crossants. Then walked one more block to one of the bridges that leads to Old Paris, Notre Dame and a few other awesome historical places. I sat there and thought of Mom and how she would love to be there with me having breakfast. I had to eat her crossiant so that I didn't waste any food. Walked around Old Paris, back to my hotel to pack up my stuff and head to the train station to go back to England.