TBT - with my best friend

This photo is from our frist winter/reverse tri called the Tinsel Tri back in southern California. I think it was the day he thought we started dating, but he was/is wrong. Over 6 years ago!

Here, yes we are defineatly together and happier then ever climbing in Holcomb Valley up in Big Bear. Our favorite place to get away from all of southern California's traffic and craziness.

This photo was a 'selfy' of our frist time in Colorado about 4 or was it 5 years ago. We went rock climbing and I think we made up our own route that day. Regardless we were happy to get a bit of rock climbing in before a storm came and chased us back in doors.

Last, but not least:

Here we are in an under ground natural made pool in Mexico. About 3 years ago. I think. It's difficult to keep track of these things. The water was super refreshing and made your skin feel super soft.

That is all for my Throw Back Thursday!