Crab cakes for Mom's Birthday

A couple years ago Dad and I were trying to come up with something special to do for Mom's birthday. I love cooking (duh) and Dad knows Mom better then I do. While driving around town one day Dad got the idea to make crab cakes for her Birthday dinner. I had never made crab cakes before, but that wasn't too much of a worry.

Dad and I went to costco and got a couple huge crabs. I had never expereinced getting crab meat from crabs. Dad walked me through the process, but first set up lots of news paper, a bag to put all the remains and a bowl for the carb meat. It's a lot of work to get crab meat away from those crabs and for all your hard work you get very little meat too. But at least it is real and super tasty.

I had read about 6 different crab cake recipes and combined 3 of them for my own take on crab cakes. While making the crab cakes we realized we hadn't come up with any sauce to put on them. My brother-in-law Rob who is amazing in the kitchen came up with a thick creamy sauce that was perfect. I have no clue how or what he did, but it made the perfect pairing for the cakes.

I apologize that I don't have the recipe(s) I used for the crab cakes, but thought I'd share the photos and the expereince. One day soon I'll figure out the recipe again and post it!

And for dessert: Italian Creamcake CupCakes!
Recipe for cupcakes coming soon.