Fine Tuned Society

Perhaps you have heard of them and perhaps you have not. Well I have and I'm going to brag about them and an amazing lady that puts the whole evening together.

A dear lady friend of mine by the name of Margot puts together an evening with tasty delights, amazing music and a night that benefits the arts. Every frist friday evening of the month people gather at a set place and bring food potluck style. There is a $20 donation that goes striaght to the performers. The evening starts with food and socializing and then fades into getting to know the performers. The entertainers for each friday evening change, we have opera singers, classical singers, flutist, guitarist, pianist and so much more.

We always break for dessert and then back to enjoying more songs, duets and beautiful music for the rest of the evening. The Fine Tuned Society has taken a break for the summer, but will return later this fall.

Margot also has a great array of tasty dishes that she adds to the potluck. The photo the the left is one that I particularly liked a lot.

Blood Orange Salad
• 3 blood oranges (cut off the peel)
• balsamic (balsamic vinegar works too)
• 1/4 cup of blue cheese crumbles
Cut the peeled oranges into circles (about 1/4" thick). Then arrange them on a plate. Sprinkle the cheese over the oranges and then drizzle the balsamic over the whole plate.
You can prepare ahead and store in the fridge, but I think it is best and looks perfect right before you sit down to eat.