South Dakota Road Trip - Mt. Rushmore & RedAss Wine

After Wind Cave, Crazy Horse and Jewel Cave we headed to our main attraction which was Mt. Rushmore. The drive there was really beautiful and we spotted some awesome places for rock climbing. To enter the park the fea is like $11 per person. They give you a ticket/receipt thing and it is good for that vehicle for the rest of the year. If you have a vehicle full of kids or something there is a flat rate, but I don't recall what that was.

There was lots of parking the the enterance to the view point of Mt. Rushmore was very nice and clean. There is a short little trail that takes you underneath the monument. We hiked part of it, because the other part was closed off. The trail is super easy and is like a deck with lots of stairs that go up and down.

While hiking on the deck/trail we spotted two mt. goats! These are my favorite type of goats and I've seen them at Mt. Evans in Colorado (view that blog here). 

On our way out of Mt. Rushmore we saw this big billboard that advertised "RedAss Rhubarb Wine." Below that it said free wine tastings so we diverted our trip back to our campground and followed the signs of the "RedAss Rhubarb Wine". The signs led us 9 miles north I to Prairie Berry Winery. Once inside thier beautiful tasting room we were treated with a list of wines where we could pick up to 5 wines to taste. All super tasty and the bar tenders were super knowledgeable. She even let us tast a 6 and a 7th for free. Once of those was a heated wine that tasted like apple cider and ended with a blackberry winy taste. The perfect way to end a busy day of being a tourist in South Dakota.

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