South Dakota Road Trip - Caves & Crazy

Wind Cave
Saturday morning our plan of attack started at 8:00am. We drove through Hot Springs, South Dakota and went to Wind Cave National Park. There we caught the frist cave tour of Wind Caves. The tour was an hour and 20 minutes long with a total of 300 steps (down)! The cave was super cool and had so many interesting areas that we explored. At the end of the tour we got a nice treat and was able to take an elevator back up to the surface. 

Crazy Horse
A friend recommended we check out Crazy Horse, we did and it's interesting. A man started the carving in the 1940's and so far they only have the face done and lots of rock cleared away. The story and history behind the man who started the project for the Indian Chief Crazy Horse is entertaining. He had 10 kids and about 7 of them are still there running the whole opporation. "Crazy" is a perfect word to describe this place.

Jewel Cave
After Crazy Horse we went on too Jewel Cave. Bought our tickets and had about an hour to nap until our tour started. Jewel Cave was super impressive. Our tour guide was awful, but the cave was worth it. Jewel Cave was formed underwater and is covered with about 8" of crystals. Each room was huge! Sadly I don't have much skill in photography in caves. Some of the photos turned out, but they don't show how impressive this cave really is.


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