Holiday Cards 2014

One of the many projects that was keeping me busy this last december was making sure my holiday cards got out in the mail in time. 2014 was my 2nd year sending out holiday cards and I wanted to send out something that is special and really shows quality. By using a bit of a trendy theme (chalk drawing copy) and combining it with a rich red (for a holiday feel) and silver to give the impression of refinement, quality, excitment, and something special.

With a warm holiday greeting on the front and a personalized message to every receipent on the inside the card was as customized and made speical for every person that is dear to me. To go the extra step this last december I also bought paper and cut out my own envelope liners then used a special tape to attache it to the envelope. I love the look of envelope liners. They give the card and envelope a complete look and it adds a special something to it as well.

My final Liv'n Design touch was handwriting each name and address on the envelopes. So that each person who received one would know that something speical was made just for them!

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