Mitchell Lake & Moose

Tuesday Andy and I headed up to Brainard Lake to go hiking with Zoe. Since I've moved to Colorado everyone has told me the place to see moose is up at Brainard Lake. Well, I have been there a dozen times and have never seen a single moose. So as Andy and I were driving into the park I sarcastically comment "if we're lucky we might see moose!"

Little did I know that we wouldn't see one moose, but we would see lots of moose. In fact there were 5 of them hanging out eating brush along the side of the road. Some were laying down eating and others were waundering around. We took tons of photos and then headed on towards the Mitchell Lake trail head.

Zoe isn't much of a hiking dog so we took the mile hike really slow and easy for her. Once we got to the lake it was beauitful and it started raining. We took some quick photos and then headed back down the trail. Zoe was in love with the trail and we took turn jogging along with her in dodging rain drops.

I had realized when we got to Mitchell Lake that my camera setting were all off. The last time I used my camera I was inside cooking. So the previous time I used my camera was in a kitchen cooking and now all the shots of the moose we had seen were awful. We crossed our fingers and headed back towards Brainard Lake in hopes that the moose were still chowing down. They were!

We stayed there for almost an hour watching, shooting (with my camera) and admiring the beauty.

Best hiking day!