Girls, Champagne, Crepes & Jewelry

Today I am thankful for something very specfic: Girl Time in Boulder!

That is right! It isn't very often I enjoy girl time or girly things, but over the years I've found that as much as I like roughing it and keeping up with the boys I need girl time. I am thankful for girl friends that put forth the energy to get together, drink champagne with raspberries, who make crepes and make jewelry. I am thankful for the girl friends that contribute conversation, thoughts, heartaches, laughter and creativity. It may come to you as a shock, but I don't have many girls firends that I trust and relay on so when I come across some awesome females that life close to me I just feel blessed.

The other awesome thing about these girls is that each one of them is a rock climber, does yoga, runs, hikes, mt bikes or road bikes and loves nature. But each one is totally up for spending a raining sunday eating nutella/banana crepes, champagne and making jewerly!

Don't get me wrong, I have lots of awesome girl friends, but they all live in different states (Oregon, California, Texas, Alaska, Washington DC and Wyoming)

On second thought I think there are even a lot of guys that would like eating nutella and banana crepes, but that means that they have to hang out with girls to do so, hee hee he. Any ways, I'm thankful for my girlfriends and the time we spend in laughter and in tears!