Colorado Scenery

I've been in Colorado for over a year now. More like a year and a half. There has been a ton of adjusting in every area of my life, but mostly I'm excited to say "I've Made It".

If you don't know what I'm talking about then maybe you've never jumped out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. I had many ideas of what living in Colorado would be like, but had nothing to back it up. It was just an idea and some hope. Now that I'm here and reality has set in I can't believe all the moments I've lived through. Example having a snow storm every week of April and going sledding on May 1st, a 100 year flood, going ice climbing and cross country skiing

You know just every day stuff for Coloradians.

Driving back from Telluride, Co // read more

Amazing what I can get from a moving car window.

After an evening training run in South Boulder. // read more

Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. // read more

Evening stroll in a local park.

Going hiking after rock climbing north of Nederland, Co. // read more