Hot Sulphur Springs

I love going to hot springs. It's one of the only things that gets me through cold, snowy winters. So when Andy came out to visit from warm, sunner, 80 degree, southern California I knew we'd both want some warming up. 

Hot Sulphur Springs was an awesome adventure in finding. Do not trust google maps, it lead us out to the middle of no-where. Use the website's address and follow the huge sign for the hot springs that is posted right before you leave the town of Sulphur Springs.

- Take I-70 West
- Take Exit 232 (highway 40) // this exit about 12 miles past Idaho Springs
- Keep left at the fork for to Hot Sulphur Springs
- You'll see a big billboard sign on the left side of the road - follow the sign which you basically take a right onto a side road, then a left over a bridge, over the railroad tracks and then you're there!

Their website doesn't have a ton of informaiton, but it costs $18 for a daily pass. With that pass you can leave for lunch/dinner and then come back. There are about tons of pools, Andy and I hopped from one tub to the next. We were in about 7 different ones and that didn't even cover half of them.
They have lockers with no locks, showers are fine but nothing special, bring your own towel otherwise you can rent one. In the winter they cover the side walks and decks with rock salt to get ride of ice, so sandles would be a good thing to bring.
The different pools vary in temps, but they have signs posted by each tub that lets you know how hot the are. 

Sorry the photos are so awful. It was after sunset and I only had my iphone to take photos with and then that died because it was freezing out side. Literally freezing. It was under 32 degrees out, but the hot springs were so warm and toasty.