Monday Morning Marshall Mesa Hike

Recently a new friend of mine and I have been getting together at awful cold times early in the morning on mondays to get some exercise. Today's hike was on the Marshall Mesa Trail. The trailhead is right off of 93 and Marshall Road south of Boulder.

Because of a day or two of above freezing temps and then back to freezing weather again the trail was super icy. No not just crystals of ice, but actual chuncks of ice. We talked, slid, side stepped, slipped and did funcky hiking dance moves to keep our balance, but it was all fun.

The weather today was super foggy or as my iphone said 'foggy ice'. This made it perfect for photos and great conversations about random things. Can't think of much more to say... just look at the photos cause the icey snow on everything was pretty cool and made us feel like the White Witch from Narnia had come to Boulder.