Ice Climbing in Boulder Canyon, CO

After Ice Climbing in Ouray I wasn't quite sold on the sport. This did not set well with my climbing buddy Bob. So, this past saturday we went out ice climbing. Barely a 15 minute drive away was a great little section of ice that Bob could do some teaching and I could get my feet wet again with ice climbing.

The hike up was like 5 minutes and aside from the traffic in the canyon it was peaceful and goregous. With a few sips of Mexican Hot Chocolate and some beta from Bob I was ice climbing.


I wasn't sure what to title this post as. Here are a couple options and you choose:
#1 Hey Mom, Look what Bob Taught Me!
#2 Making Mom Proud or Giving Her More Grey Hairs?
#3 What I can do with a One Handed Belayer! 

"Success" I now like ice climbing. I did this route 3 times until my arms and hands were pumped, sore and tire.