Hiking in Arches National Park

On my road trip back to California for Thanksgiving we stayed an extra day in Moab, Utah. The beginning of that day was hiking to Delicate Arch where we did some stretching and yoga. The temperature stayed well below 40 degrees so we kept moving around to stay warm. My Stonewear Designs running capri's were super comfortable and made hiking and stretching enjoyable. Next hike was to Landscape Arch. We took some other trails that led us to some beautiful views of the rocks and mountains. Here are some photos of our time in Arches National Park.

For the location of these arches and hikes, just click the links above and they'll take you to google maps where these places are highlighted. Both hikes are under 3 miles (round trip) and quite easy. Remember you are at elevation so there will be heavy breathing no matter where you go... but it's good for you!

Oh and just incase you were wondering Stonewear Designs Sprinter Capri's are Downward-dog-approved!

Above is my hot and trusty photographer!