New Mexico Trip - Part 4 (going home)

If you read my blog from yesterday New Mexico Trip - Part 3 (Day 2) you read about me hiking and meeting an old man with loads of stories. One of the places he highly recommended that I go check out was a place called Tent Rocks. It's inbetween Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The old hiker mentioned that there is an easy trail that loops around, but if you take the slot canyon trail it about 1.5 miles to the top of a ridge where the view is just amazing. Well, little did this hiker know that as soon as he said 'slot canyon' I was hooked.

Sunday morning I left Albuquerque and headed towards Tent Rocks. Was super happy that my National Park Pass got me into the park no problems and then several miles into the park I was there! The .5 miles to the slot canyon was super easy and it was like no time passed. Inside the slot canyon it was just amazing. I don't need to say much more, because that is what the photos are for!

Tip: don't where nice lady sandles on this hike, bring water too! People on this trail don't always know what they are doing or getting into so that are super slow.

After finishing the hike I headed towards Santa Fe to check out the town and get some lunch. A nice bowl of green chilli, saw some awesome jewlery vendors out on the streets and I was ready to head home. Over all I throughly enjoyed my trip to New Mexico!

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