New Mexico Trip - Part 3 (day 2)

I stayed with some friends of mine in Alberque friday night and then got up super early with Kerr to go rock climbing. We pick up a fellow climber and headed up to Sandia's Crest. Early that week I was trying to get over a bad cold combined with little sleep and an early morning I was not in good shape for climbing. Instead I slept for another 4 hours in Kerr's truck and then went hiking!

Albuquerque, New Mexico is behind me in the distance

The views were amazing and I met an older man who had just finished hiking all the way up to the top of the Sandias. We chatted and talked until we came to this man made rock building/fort. He told me that that rock fort was built during the Depression by the Works Project Administration. He said he also use to play around there as a child. We talked about a ton of things and he told me all about New Mexico and how he loves hiking the Grand Canyon.

Eventually, he continued on hiking and I slowly hiked back to the parking lot where Kerr and his climbing buddy had just arrived.

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