Telluride, Co - Trip w/Noel

Telluride is one of my favorite places in Colorado, thus far. Last year I went to Telluride with a bunch of friends and have been dying to go back. Primarily for the fall colors and doing the Via Ferrata. The Via Ferrata photos from this year will be in another blog post. Our route took us through the Rocky Mountains where the aspen trees were at their peak and through "The Grand Mesa" another must see place to drive through. The views were amazing and we had to pull over several times to take photos. We arrived in Telluride after dark which made finding a campsite a bit difficult. The campsites are frist come frist serve so we were wise to leave early, but were lucky, because we actually got the very last campsite there.

The next morning I took Noel on a walk through town where we passed a street where locals were setting up for a farmers market. We both made note to come back later and pick a few things up. Continuing on we went to Telluride's gondola that takes you up the mountain and to the other side of Telluride. During the winter the gondola and the mountain are used for skiing, but during the warmer months people hike and mountain bike down. The views were amazing that Noel and I had our cameras and cell phones out snapping photos at every turn. Once to the other side of the mountain we found a local coffee shop with free wifi. We both set up our laptops and started working away.

After working we went back up the gondola and to the farmers market. On the way back to the campsite I found a trail the followed the rivier towards our campsite. I felt crazy, but seriously ever couple steps I'd have to pull out my camera and take another picture of the mountains topped with snow, the aspens in yellow, orange and red, of the river winding next to a little dirt path. To get back to our campsite it was like walking through a fairy tale and it was only lunch time. Lunch at our campsite consisted of farmers' market bread, heirloom tomatoes, aged gouda, crackers, fruit and wine. 

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