Telluride, Co - Trip w/ Noel Part 2

After lunch at our campsite in Telluride Noel and I went for a hike to Cornet Falls. It was an easy hike, but we both felt the altitude for sure. The weater was cool, but once you start hiking you get quite warm. My Stonewear Designs Rockin' pants were perfect for the hike. Noel even had on her Stonewear Designs Lyra Top as well.

To get to Cornet Falls you start walking down W. Colorado Ave and turn onto N. Aspen St. Continue walking up N. Aspen St. until you come to a trail where there are a couple wooden booths with maps and info. Continue walking straight up the trail. You'll come up to a bridge on your left... DO NOT TAKE THE BRIDGE (unless you want to go on a different and longer hike) continue straight ahead going up river. The trail is faint, but it's there and continues up the Cornet river. About 15 minutes you'll be at the falls depending on how fast you walk.

Once we were at the waterfall we both found rocks and did a little yoga and soaked in the sun... I might have gone into photographer mode, but who could blame me. Noel was a great model and the scenery was amazing.

Photos of Liv were taken by Noel Love

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