Huckleberry Hot Springs, Jackson WY

Yes, that is right! My adventures in Wy are not over. It was a full week of good times with friends, snow shoeingcross country skiing, downhill skiing, moose hunting, and HOT SPRINGS!!!! My favorite... after moose hunting that is.

Amy had taken me to Huckleberry Hot Springs before and I just couldn't wait to go again. After all, a trip to Jackson isn't complete without a soak in a hot springs. Sadly on this adventure Amy got sick and wasn't able to join us. So it was Bethany, Lauren and me that headed out super early on saturday to Huckleberry Hot Springs.

To get there from Jackson:
- go North on 191 towards Montana
- take a left onto John D. Rockefeller Parkway, here you'll be going into the north part of Grand Teton National Park and will need your adventure park pass or just pay for the day
- shoot I forget the place where you park, it is at a lodge here in the winter they offer snow mobile trips into Yellowstone from this location.
- head north out of the parking lot on a snowshoe trail
- you follow the trail that goes along side a river and you pass a couple ponds
- you eventually cross over the river, over a little hill and you are at the hot springs

The hike to the hot springs is like 1.5 miles. Super easy and mellow.

This trip was awesome cause on our way there we saw two herds of buffalo right along side the road, ducks, swans and otters out on one of the ponds.

Huckleberry Hot Springs is really really hot in places, so it is best to bring a pair of sandles so you can pass those spots and find a temp that is bareable. Also a must bring would be a tarp. It comes in super handle to put all your stuff on so they don't get wet by the snow. The tarp helps when you need to change into your warm dry clothes.

We brought food and made a picnic out of the expereince and a course stopping along the way to take photos of the tetons, practicing yoga poses and just goofing off.