Cross Country Skiing, Speed Skating & Men's Pair Figure Skating

 December's Icy Adventures

Before all this Christmasy stuff started in December there were other adventures going on outside the kitchen. My climbing buddy Bob decided it was time to teach me a new sport: Cross Country Skiing.

One December saturday morning I meet up with Bob and his other climbing buddy Lyn. It was a beautiful day , but the challenges of learning a new sport left me too exhausted to take any photos of our icy adventure. Didn't even see any moose in the park, but on the way back home I saw my frist ever live moose out in the wild. They were on the side of the road chomping on brushy stuff. Aside from seeing moose our trip home was inspiring in other wintery ways.

River Speed Skating

We found ourselves down on Boulder Creek around 6th street seeing how nice the ice was when Speed Skating competition broke out. Bob had the led and was going along in excellent form until out of no where Lynn caught up and passed Bob. I think it was those lucky slip-on crocs that made the difference in the race for Lynn.

Next on Icy Adventures was...

Men's Pair Figure Skating

 Yes, this extra ordinary event was complete with lifts and turns! No worries though, we had puppy dog Bridger on ice watch.

Olivia McCoy