Volunteering with Le Tip Boulder

Here are a few photos of the Le Tip Boulder Chapter volunteering at Attention Homes in Boulder. A good group of us meet up at Attention Homes Boulder at 1pm and worked until 4pm.

As a team we were able to accomplish many jobs and chores like: sorting through clothes donated by local thrift stores, prepping for dinner, organizing cupboards, moving a refrigerator out side, sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, dusting, organizing the lenin closet to name a few.

Prepping food for dinner, organizing cupboards, and general kitchen cleaning

Organizing the lenin closet and sorting through donated clothes

Cleaning windows, dusting, mopping, etc...

Thank you so much to Attention Homes for letting us come and help you out and to all the following volunteers and their loved ones:

Allison Benham - Real Estate Residential - Buying Specialist
Nick Bishop - Real Estate Commercial
Noel Love - Acupuncture
Kathleen Luttrell - Energy Consulting
Liv McCoy - Freelance Graphic Designer
Dustin Pitney - Web Development
Matt Stewart - Insurance Life, Health & Disability
Jack Vandenberg - Massage Therapist


Olivia McCoy