Hike to Chasm Lake - in a Blizzard

I had no clue what I was signing myself up for when my climbing buddy Bob invited me to go hiking this past weekend. He mentioned something about snow the night before and this isn't a hike for jeans. So I borrowed some warmer hiking clothes from my roommate and the next morning I though I was ready.

Saturday morning at 7am I met up with Bob and Charles in Boulder. Loaded up the car and then headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park. Upon getting to the parking lot the road was icy, wind was howling so hard that I could barely open up the car door. A little worried about the weather, but Bob assured us once we got in the trees it wouldn't be that bad. We all bundled up a bit and then started hiking out.

Before we got to the timberline (the point where the trees don't grow any more on a mountain) we stopped for tea and some snacks. Bob was totally prepared and was waiting on me hand and foot with a fleece to wear, hot tea, trail mix and some chocolate. This man knows how to hike with woman.

After we passed the timberline the wind was crazy. Blowing up snow every where. We kept hiking, and hiking. It is only a 4 mile hike to Chasm Lake, but hiking uphill on snowing icy rocks, at elevation and againist 65+ mph winds. Neadless to say we turned around and did not make it to Chasm Lake. But we three Californian's braved the weather longer then any other hiker we saw out there!

Olivia McCoy