Rock Climbing in Nov

When my climbing buddy texts me about going climbing this past saturday I was game. The only problem was what to wear? No I'm not that kind of girl that worries about what I look like (seriously it is just rock climbing, not a fashion show). With the temperatures always changing and getting colder knowing what layers to wear is my deliema. 

Saturday at 10 a.m. we are on the road up Boulder Canyon to Blob Rock. With a short hike up to the base of the climb we were both roasting. Figuring the weather would change I started getting ready to lead climb the frist route. Before I could start I realized it was just too warm. Yes, folks that is right. The begining of November and it was hot. So I zipped off the legs of my hiking pants and climbed the whole day in a tank top and shorts.

My goal of the day was to get back in lead climbing. My 'fabulous' climbing buddy, Bob Berger, was great at belaying, being my photographer and a great encourager. I lead 3 of the 5 routes we climbed that day and I didn't fall once.