Swim - Run - Social

This past Sunday I participated in the TRIBE (Long Beach Tri Club) Swim - Run - Social event.  The swim was 800 meters followed by a 5k run and a delicious Hawaiian style dinner.  My boyfriend, Andy and I got to Mother's Beach literally right before the race started.  With just enough time to sign release forms, set up our transition station, put on swim caps and slowly lower into the freezing cold water the gun went off.

Swimming is the my strongest area, but I didn't know the swim course so I just decided to follow the crowd.  Ahead of me, I spotted two orange swim caps and started following them.  It wasn't until I got to the red bouy (the turn around point) that I realized I was towards the front of the pack.  I passed the starting dock and headed to shore.  I was closing in on the guy infront of me and almost caught him when he made it to the shore with me eating his bubbles.

Next was my transition section which wasn't so smooth (I got stuck in my shirt twice).  The run was only a 5k, but without training, I was just trying to keep at a decent pace.  My other goal with the run was to run to the half way point before Andy caught up with me.  I knew he was probably still doggy paddling, but I had to get some distance in the run.  We'll I achieved that goal!!!

As I approached the halfway turn point I heard Andy laughing behind me and before I knew it he had passed me.  He was doing awesome job in his run (frist run since his Western States 100 mile race).  The last half was a bit rough. Lately I've been having issues with my IT Band and another muscle rubbing the wrong way and causing a lot of pain.  I slowed down and did a fast walk for a few parts which gave plenty of room for another lady runner to pass me.  Bummed that I wouldn't get first place I was still set on keeping up the pace and finishing in the top three!

Did that!!! I finished the whole race in 44.20 which put in 2nd place female finisher! My swim was like 13 minutes and the run I averaged a 9:30 minute mile pace.  Can't wait to get things figured out and train more for the run. TRIBE Tri Club did an amazing job of putting the race together, pointing swimmers and runners in the right direction, positive, encouraging and awesome group of poeple.  Can't wait to do their next race in August.

Olivia McCoy