Once you finally decide to start it is hard to figure out where exactly to start.  Ideas, places, thoughts, photos, then more ideas, doubts, and 'what if's' come flodding into my head.  Today, I finally pushed all that asideand realized that WHO has ever started something and got it perfect the frist time?  No one!  Which means that everyone who starts something for the frist time will mess up.  Yup, you'll make mistakes and have to learn from those.

I've never lived life before and so my frist go at life has proved to be a lot of mistakes which have provided a lot of adventures and stories for sure.  I am a graphic designer, by trade, but also have creativity leaking from my pores in many other areas.  So this blog will have lots of creativite things, cooking photos and recipes, photography of places I've been, graphic design projects I've worked on, etc...  FYI - I AM NOT A WRITER!!!

Once again, I am not a writer, but that doesn't mean that I don't have ideas, thoughts, cooking ideas, and creativity that I'd like to share with others who love being inspired or seeking need recipe ideas.

Let's see what happens!


Olivia McCoy